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  4. "LAST VISITED: August 31st" 

    oh my.

  5. Thanks for the update Welcome @c0pp3r Best of luck to all the developers on the project. Will jump into to help you guys test as soon as it's available.
  6. great news. Can't wait to start testing/playing.
  7. hello

    its me


  8. Very excited for the new direction in 2017!
  9. First off I'd like to welcome everyone to 2017! Hopefully everyone had a safe New Years Eve! We have decided to start the new year off right and for the past few weeks @Valkyra has taken the new SWGEmu Core and has been getting it up to speed with the CU packet changes that needed done in order for the server to work with the CU Client. We've not only updated to the latest Core3 and Engine but will also be switching gears towards CU Combat! We believe that by focusing on Combat it'll take the pressure away from the specific crafting packet. We've been so focused on this one issue that it's caused a lot of burn out. Combat will certainly be more fun to work on and it'll allow us to open up testing to the community (tba). I'm a firm believer that solutions are found to ongoing problems when you're not even looking in that direction (a sort of ahah! moment) and thus the focus change. We've also brought on a new developer - everyone please welcome @c0pp3r to the CUEmu team! Quality Assurance will have their hands full in researching combat specific formulas and testing out combat so if you're interested in joining the QA team and have QA testing experience feel free to fill out the QA Application. Again, welcome to 2017 and may the Force be with us all!
  10. They're doing quite well now. Just one more hurdle and it'll be mostly smooth sailing from here on out. Internally we've changed direction for the new year and I'll have something to announce here shortly (I hope) we've also brought on a new developer @c0pp3r
  11. Hey, man, I hope your fiance is doing all right. Cancer is no joke. Glad to hear the project is still going. Merry Christmas, my dudes.
  12. So where exactly are things at right now and what's going on behind the scenes? Life unfortunately is what's happening.. let's start with myself and move to each team member. Aceblade: Dreadlow: Valkyra: Sentzu: Absolution: DMaas: FireWarrior: Kanlaeel Project wise we've decided to not entirely scrap what we have but update our Core3 engine to what SWGEmu has put out. This does mean that some packet work has to be re-done but we've learned from previous experiments and mistakes (which we aren't afraid to admit) with the codebase what needs to be done this time around. We aren't dead in the water but you could say that our sails have somewhat calmed down quite a bit from when we were moving on to things constantly. We've moved back from a Dedicated server to a VPS for the time being until more Core work can be done and we REALLY want to get everyone on to the Test Center. When other updates said that it would be soon we weren't trying to drum up excitement for the project it was certainly supposed to be soon at the time we mentioned it however it has been pushed back. The project is still being completely funded by the Team at this time and we aren't going anywhere things are just taking much longer than we anticipated it would ever take us. We are currently in the process of reviewing some Development applications to get some fresh eyes on things as well as QA applications for data gathering. I want to personally apologize to the community for the lack of communication over the past few months and also for the slowness in development. The whole team appreciates everyone who has stuck around and been through things with us. We know you're just as excited as we are to get things rolling and it'll happen eventually.
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