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    A new direction in 2017!

    By Aceblade,

    First off I'd like to welcome everyone to 2017!  Hopefully everyone had a safe New Years Eve! 

    We have decided to start the new year off right and for the past few weeks @Valkyra has taken the new SWGEmu Core and has been getting it up to speed with the CU packet changes that needed done in order for the server to work with the CU Client. We've not only updated to the latest Core3 and Engine but will also be switching gears towards CU Combat!  

    We believe that by focusing on Combat it'll take the pressure away from the specific crafting packet. We've been so focused on this one issue that it's caused a lot of burn out. Combat will certainly be more fun to work on and it'll allow us to open up testing to the community (tba). I'm a firm believer that solutions are found to ongoing problems when you're not even looking in that direction (a sort of ahah! moment) and  thus the focus change.

    We've also brought on a new developer - everyone please welcome @c0pp3r to the CUEmu team! 

    Quality Assurance will have their hands full in researching combat specific formulas and testing out combat so if you're interested in joining the QA team and have QA testing experience feel free to fill out the QA Application.

    Again, welcome to 2017 and may the Force be with us all! :SW_jedi3:

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    What exactly is going on?

    By Aceblade,

    So where exactly are things at right now and what's going on behind the scenes?

    Life unfortunately is what's happening.. let's start with myself and move to each team member.



    My fiancé had thyroid cancer and their entire thyroid was just removed as of November 30th -- they found out about the cancer on October 31st after multiple tests were done. We're still working on getting stabilized as far as medication and levels are concerned and they are still healing. Prior to that I started a new job which I love but has been extremely draining in certain aspects and keeps me busy from sun up to sun down on occasion. This geared with my fiancé getting well has been my top priority.

    Our team communicates via Slack so we keep each other updated on both project and personal life dealings. It's very much the case that we're a close knit team but also a "family" of sorts that cares very much for one another. I thank them for the support they have given my family over this trying time. While I've had to step a bit back from the project to deal with personal matters.



    Personal life and being extremely busy with work has left himin a situation where he's been pretty much busy from sun up to sun down.



    She works on multiple things when she has a chance and has the worst luck I've ever seen with computer equipment. She's been up and down through the last few months but has been slowly making progress on some of our more intricate things.

    Side note from Aceblade: Can you even imagine how much I and the team hate packet work right now?



    He isn't a Core Developer but he does do work on our patching system and is learning some of the Core3 system. Work at his job has picked up drastically where he's had to learn new things swiftly. He still checks in regularly and places his input when needed.




    Moved to the other side of the country where he's in school and his major involves some intense studying. He's stepped down as QA Lead and that has passed on to DMaas.  Absolution checks in on things from time to time and helps when he can but at the moment he's mostly on leave.



    Took over QA Lead position and also had to move. He's finally settled in his new place and we (him and I) are working through transitioning to some things for the QA Team.



    This seems to be a repeating thing for the whole team at the moment but his job has him quite busy at the moment. He's also has some other things coming up in life which will put him inactive for a few months at some point in the near future.



    Newest QA member who hasn't been as active recently due to development slowdown.

    Project wise we've decided to not entirely scrap what we have but update our Core3 engine to what SWGEmu has put out.

    This does mean that some packet work has to be re-done but we've learned from previous experiments and mistakes (which we aren't afraid to admit) with the codebase what needs to be done this time around. We aren't dead in the water but you could say that our sails have somewhat calmed down quite a bit from when we were moving on to things constantly.

    We've moved back from a Dedicated server to a VPS for the time being until more Core work can be done and we REALLY want to get everyone on to the Test Center. When other updates said that it would be soon we weren't trying to drum up excitement for the project it was certainly supposed to be soon at the time we mentioned it however it has been pushed back. 

    The project is still being completely funded by the Team at this time and we aren't going anywhere things are just taking much longer than we anticipated it would ever take us. We are currently in the process of reviewing some Development applications to get some fresh eyes on things as well as QA applications for data gathering.

    I want to personally apologize to the community for the lack of communication over the past few months and also for the slowness in development. The whole team appreciates everyone who has stuck around and been through things with us. We know you're just as excited as we are to get things rolling and it'll happen eventually.

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    State of the Project - August 2016 + CUEmu ARK Server

    By Aceblade,

    Greetings all!

    This State of the Project address is going to have a bit of a different tune to it this month (as I missed last month). I wanted to put a more personal spin on things and thank the CUEmu staff for all that they've done. I also wanted to share things from my perspective. 

    Dreadlow and I have been working on things both front-end and back-end these last few months. Progress on the code has been slow and we've been banging our heads against that ugly crafting crash. I'm not a programmer, that's for sure,  and some of you may know me from SWGEmu as the former QA Leader there.  I haven't been of much help with the code itself but I have helped Dreadlow track down specific areas that the problem may be stemming from. Essentially this issue boils down to following crash and debug logs to figure out what the client is expecting and what we are throwing at it. It's a proverbial needle in the haystack and while I'd like to say it'll be resolved "soon" it's likely still a bit off.

    We do have several candidates for development positions who we've reached out to in order to get a fresh perspective on things. We've been looking at the same code base, in regards to this specific issue, for the past several months and as with all things in life you're just too close to the problem to find the solution. We hope that when we bring on these new team members they'll be able to help resolve our final hurdle before launching TC-Katarn to the masses. 

    Server Changes

    The last few months we've been working on setting up the infrastructure to proceed with open sourcing the project and allowing code contributions once we get to a more stable code base. This has involved us moving from a few VPS nodes at our provider to a dedicated server in which we've carved it into several much more powerful VPSs. In the long run it'll save us considerably and allow much more flexibility.

    I do want to point out that while we do have a donation system in place the past several months have been funded completely by the CUEmu staff. As we believe that this project still has merit and we want to see it to fruition not only has the team been contributing time and energy but also the finances out of their own pockets. I'd like to take this time to thank the staff members for continuing to envision this project and all of the effort that has gone into it. It's clear to me that our team has a passion for this project.


    ARK: Survival Evolved

    As mentioned above, I'm certainly not a programmer. While I'd love to be able to wrap my head around the code base more It's simply not within my immediate reach. I've been doing server administration both in my professional and hobby life for years now and wanted to give back a bit of fun to the community and staff.

    Enter: ARK: Survival Evolved

    Everyone needs a break from the grind now and then - Dreadlow and I have found out that building / crafting things in ARK is relaxing. It's relaxing of-course except when Dreadlow is being chased by a T-Rex or is irritated that he lost yet another dinosaur to some carnivorous creature who is just looking to feed its pack of hungry carnivorous family members. 

    Anyone that has worked on a long term volunteer project knows that burn out is one of the top reasons that projects fail. ARK has allowed us to break free, be creative, and try to survive in a mostly relaxing atmosphere and we want everyone who owns the game to join us!

    If you haven't checked ARK out yet I heavily recommend you do so:

    Server Information

    Mode: PVE (PVP Events Planned)
    Map: The Center
    XP Multiplier: X 2
    Taming Speed: X 4

    Ark Advance 10 (Advanced Structures / Items)
    Death Helper (Help find your corpse)
    Pet Finder (Help find personal lost pets / tribe pets)
    Ark Postal Service (Send Mail to offline players)

    I'm open for suggestions on how we're able to provide a more enjoyable ARK experience for the community. Please visit the ARK Suggestions forum section.

    How do I find the server?

    You can use the in-game server browser, select unofficial servers, and type in CUEmu or visit the following link:

    Will this take away development time from CUEmu?

    Absolutely not! This is simply to draw the community back together, have some fun, and for the staff to take a breather for times when they're unable to focus solely on coding or other tasks.

    What are the general rules of the server?

    I understand that some of you want a full on PVP experience however in my time playing ARK I've experienced a large amount of grieving by "Alpha Tribes" who believe they own the server they're playing on. While it's understandable and I appreciate the large amount of effort it takes to get to that level of progression it's not something I believe is ultimately fair. There are only really a few "rules".

    • Don't be "that guy / girl":
      You can stay in your own little corner of world if you want but try not to be so nefarious. You'll have your chance to PVP during what we'll call "World Purge Events". RPing is highly welcome!
    • Excessive profanity in global chat:
      I would imagine that most of us are adults here but if you just got wrecked by a nasty dino try to keep yourself in check. Profanity by itself isn't horrible (I fully support free speech) but keep it to a minimum or you may get a friendly msg asking to tone it down.
    • Exploitng:
      This is the one and only thing I could see that will get you banned. Exploiting in any game is highly frowned upon and while this game is still under development I fully expect there to be bugs. If it's "too easy" or doesn't feel like you should be doing it.. you likely shouldn't be. If you need clarification just reach out to a member of the Staff tribe or admin (clearly marked by a star in global chat) for clarification. 
    • Have fun!:
      ARK is an open world survival game. In-game events by staff and even player hosted events are welcome. Let me know how we can be of help or if you need things to host a event. I'll see what can be done for you.

    Will this server continue after you launch the public CUEmu Test Center?

    I don't see why we wouldn't continue to run this server as it doesn't detract from the overall goal of this project. Not that this couldn't change in the future but even when the public Test Center is launched I'd like to see it kept around. We may even bring in event / community staff for the server at some point. 

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    State of the Project - June 2016

    By Aceblade,

    Here's this months State of the Project update. 

    Crafting is an extremely complex system, especially when you're simply rebuilding packets that are more guess-work than recreation due to the lack of packets dumps from  the CU era.  We wanted to focus this month on some of the work that has been done the last few months on core systems. This list may look somewhat small for a few months of work but I can assure you these changes take time to properly document, implement, and test. 




    With me specifically, I've been working slowly on fixing the "current weapon" issue that we seem to have where the client doesn't register what weapon you have equipped, essentially making the character information screen useless and gives the red X symbol over ability icons that you "can't use" (we just have to attach the proper Weapon Object packets to WearablesDeltaVector; but the _how_ is the difficult part). I'm also working on the issue with surrendering a skill that crashes the client (the PLAY9 delta isn't sending the proper "drop" code for the draft schematics). As well, buffs aren't showing their proper duration times; however this particular issue is very insignificant at the moment, but it's being looked into occasionally.






    [Added] Lock server on startup feature (needs config file addition)
    [Changed] Any admin level can login while server is locked
    [Removed] Unused packet values
    [Fixed] Force Cloak client effects not playing in cells
    [Fixed] Admin skills counting towards level
    [Fixed] Crash while surrendering skills
    [Added] Packet values that were finally implemented (elemental damage for instance)
    [Fixed] Offer Ride crash (functionality still not implemented)
    [Fixed] Weapon functions crashing server
    [Fixed] Force Cloak not working properly
    [Added] Command to toggle visible in case of stuck values
    [Fixed] Commands that shouldn't create a cooldown no longer do
    [Fixed] Commands that crashed server should no longer crash due to a check for if the command goes into the queue before it checks for a pre-existing cooldown (coincides with above change
    [Fixed] /waypoint command (apparently client-side /waypoint no longer exists and /waypointServer replaces it; no change in usage, can still do /waypoint)
    [Fixed] /forceMeditate from crashing server on getting up (apparently Mood ID is no longer necessary, and Mood String is now 0x05)
    [Changed] Uncommented out TANO 6 Delta messages as they work now and don't cause a crash (hasn't had much of an impact though)
    [Removed] Certification check that reduced damage (needs overhaul)
    [Fixed] Action and Mind regeneration to be faster and also work while in combat






    [fixed] All schematics can now be viewed in the datapad, including those with mis-matching weight counts.
    fixed] Draft Schematic and Resource Weight loading, allows for simple items to be loaded from the datapad examine window. - [todo] Still needs draft slot work refactor for more 'complex' items.

    This doesn't mean that the rest of the team hasn't been doing any work. A lot of the time ideas and research is shared in order to put in the additions, fixes, and changes you see above. 


    What is @Parz1val doing?
    Parz1val is working on researching and implementing some core changes to the crafting process. This has drastically changed from Pre-CU to CU. He and Dreadlow have been mulling over work as we progress in each stage of the crafting process. Every new "fix" allows us to get one step closer to having the crafting functionality / core in a stable place but it also leads to another crash which requires a whole new set of research into how the packet is structured and what the client expects.



    What is @Sentzu doing?
    Sentzu is our Game Launcher Developer. He is currently working on getting some changes required for a eventual Public Test Center in place.


    We appreciate the interest everyone has shown in this project and that interest, plus our love in the CU era, is what contributes to the continued development. If you have any questions please feel free to message @Aceblade


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    State of the Project - May 2016

    By Aceblade,

    Hi all!

    its a new month and the team is checking back in. During the month of April @Valkyra worked a bit on the crafting packet issue we were having and its in a status of being partially fixed. We've got more work to do on things before we open up a test server to the public. We did think we were close to opening a public test center but hit a brick wall as mentioned in the previous State of the Project address.  

    After checking in there are still a lot of things going on in the teams personal life. We are still dedicated to this project but things will be going at a slower pace than we'd like. At this point, in gathering information from the development team, I'd like to call out to anyone willing to contribute and has packet / core3 experience. If you are interested in contributing please send me a forum message or email to aceblade[at]cuemu.com

    To those who have applied for the Quality Assurance Team please be aware that I have put a halt to the process on new staff members in that department until the time that there is more to test.

    Finishing up the packet work relating to crafting and cell areas is the last hurdle that is preventing us from pushing forward in other areas that require a base from us to work on and any contributions are greatly appreciated. 

    If anyone has any questions please feel free to post a response or message me. We want to be as transparent as we can possibly be.



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    State of the Project - April 2016

    By Aceblade,

    Hi all,

    I wanted to take the time to address the community regarding the status of development with the project. Our Development Lead, Dreadlow has made a lot of headway regarding fixing up the remaining server crashes we've been experiencing internally. At this point all server crashes have been resolved. 

    We do have a few glaring issues with crafting (due to packet changes from Pre-CU to CU) that are causing client crashes and at this time those have not been resolved. The information needed to easily fix this problem is not readily available and we are in a holding pattern while we research further. This, among a few other issues, have caused development to crawl to a halt as this was on our internal Phase 1 list before opening the server to testers.

    As you all know this is a volunteer project and as such things may be delayed or put on hold. We have an extremely small team that has been working hard to resolve all issues however when a member of the team needs time away this causes a break in the development cycle. At this point I have given the development team well deserved break and while things may be worked on intermittently during the month of April you may not see any updates this coming month.

    The CU era of SWG may not be as popular among SWG fans however if you are familiar with the SWGEmu code base and have packet experience we welcome you to apply to join the team. I certainly wish there was more that could be said at this moment. I can say that we do want to see this project continue and that it will. Progress, on the other hand, may be slower than we want or anticipated it to be.



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    Name the CU Test Center Contest - Poll

    By Aceblade,

    The Staff top 5 picks have been chosen for the Name the CU Test Center Contest.These names have been put in alphabetical order. It wasn't an easy choice to pick just 5 names and I'd like to thank everyone for the names they posted for consideration. In two weeks this poll will be closed and the winner will be announced.

    -CUEmu Team

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