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  2. Update: Viewing a schematic in your datapad and opening the crafting tool are now fixed, and working. However we are still fixing the actual crafting process-related packets so that objects can be made.
  3. Greetings all, While there hasn't been a lot of publicly posted progress, we have been making major internal decisions regarding the codebase of CUEmu. To put it simply, we had planned on the announcement/use of Bacta as a valid code source, however as the developers of that framework have ceased activity until further notice, we have decided to proceed with going the 'Core3 route'. This is especially reinforced due to SWGEmu team's recent announcement about the Engine3 becoming public without a timer. We are looking to possibly fix a few packet bugs, some miscellaneous fixes, and updating our sourcecode to merge with SWGEmu's latest unstable, then we are looking at possibly opening up 2 TC's, one internal and one for the public to get a taste of our work so far. It will not be a 'play server' by any means, as keep in mind crashes can and most likely will happen as features get ironed out for the CU era. That's all for now, we will let you all know more as soon as everything is settled.
  4. Hello all, Just wanted to make a quick update. While there hasn't been a lot of public activity as of late, we are steadily working behind closed doors. Myself (Valkyra) recently got the server loading all 4 TOC files - these files reference the 'newer' TRE files and their contents inside of them, as well as all pre-Publish 17 tre files... Why couldn't SOE just make it simple?! And to sweeten the deal, here's a nice screenshot inside of Mensix Mining Facility - not all items are inside of it yet as the server is only parsing scripts we have made for each object, and not all have been created yet. Until next time!
  5. Thanks, cool :)
  6. Another teaser :D
  7. happy birthday bb

  8. Greetings, Us (the developers) just want everyone to know, that development updates will be coming shortly. If you are just getting here, the project was reformed so we are still re-organizing everything, including updates. Rest assured though as we are still continuing progress, currently we are working on states, combat mechanics, animations, and more! -Dev Team
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