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What exactly is going on?

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So where exactly are things at right now and what's going on behind the scenes?

Life unfortunately is what's happening.. let's start with myself and move to each team member.



My fiancé had thyroid cancer and their entire thyroid was just removed as of November 30th -- they found out about the cancer on October 31st after multiple tests were done. We're still working on getting stabilized as far as medication and levels are concerned and they are still healing. Prior to that I started a new job which I love but has been extremely draining in certain aspects and keeps me busy from sun up to sun down on occasion. This geared with my fiancé getting well has been my top priority.

Our team communicates via Slack so we keep each other updated on both project and personal life dealings. It's very much the case that we're a close knit team but also a "family" of sorts that cares very much for one another. I thank them for the support they have given my family over this trying time. While I've had to step a bit back from the project to deal with personal matters.



Personal life and being extremely busy with work has left himin a situation where he's been pretty much busy from sun up to sun down.



She works on multiple things when she has a chance and has the worst luck I've ever seen with computer equipment. She's been up and down through the last few months but has been slowly making progress on some of our more intricate things.

Side note from Aceblade: Can you even imagine how much I and the team hate packet work right now?



He isn't a Core Developer but he does do work on our patching system and is learning some of the Core3 system. Work at his job has picked up drastically where he's had to learn new things swiftly. He still checks in regularly and places his input when needed.




Moved to the other side of the country where he's in school and his major involves some intense studying. He's stepped down as QA Lead and that has passed on to DMaas.  Absolution checks in on things from time to time and helps when he can but at the moment he's mostly on leave.



Took over QA Lead position and also had to move. He's finally settled in his new place and we (him and I) are working through transitioning to some things for the QA Team.



This seems to be a repeating thing for the whole team at the moment but his job has him quite busy at the moment. He's also has some other things coming up in life which will put him inactive for a few months at some point in the near future.



Newest QA member who hasn't been as active recently due to development slowdown.

Project wise we've decided to not entirely scrap what we have but update our Core3 engine to what SWGEmu has put out.

This does mean that some packet work has to be re-done but we've learned from previous experiments and mistakes (which we aren't afraid to admit) with the codebase what needs to be done this time around. We aren't dead in the water but you could say that our sails have somewhat calmed down quite a bit from when we were moving on to things constantly.

We've moved back from a Dedicated server to a VPS for the time being until more Core work can be done and we REALLY want to get everyone on to the Test Center. When other updates said that it would be soon we weren't trying to drum up excitement for the project it was certainly supposed to be soon at the time we mentioned it however it has been pushed back. 

The project is still being completely funded by the Team at this time and we aren't going anywhere things are just taking much longer than we anticipated it would ever take us. We are currently in the process of reviewing some Development applications to get some fresh eyes on things as well as QA applications for data gathering.

I want to personally apologize to the community for the lack of communication over the past few months and also for the slowness in development. The whole team appreciates everyone who has stuck around and been through things with us. We know you're just as excited as we are to get things rolling and it'll happen eventually.

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They're doing quite well now. Just one more hurdle and it'll be mostly smooth sailing from here on out. 

Internally we've changed direction for the new year and I'll have something to announce here shortly (I hope) we've also brought on a new developer @c0pp3r :)

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