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State of the Project - June 2016

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Here's this months State of the Project update. 

Crafting is an extremely complex system, especially when you're simply rebuilding packets that are more guess-work than recreation due to the lack of packets dumps from  the CU era.  We wanted to focus this month on some of the work that has been done the last few months on core systems. This list may look somewhat small for a few months of work but I can assure you these changes take time to properly document, implement, and test. 




With me specifically, I've been working slowly on fixing the "current weapon" issue that we seem to have where the client doesn't register what weapon you have equipped, essentially making the character information screen useless and gives the red X symbol over ability icons that you "can't use" (we just have to attach the proper Weapon Object packets to WearablesDeltaVector; but the _how_ is the difficult part). I'm also working on the issue with surrendering a skill that crashes the client (the PLAY9 delta isn't sending the proper "drop" code for the draft schematics). As well, buffs aren't showing their proper duration times; however this particular issue is very insignificant at the moment, but it's being looked into occasionally.






[Added] Lock server on startup feature (needs config file addition)
[Changed] Any admin level can login while server is locked
[Removed] Unused packet values
[Fixed] Force Cloak client effects not playing in cells
[Fixed] Admin skills counting towards level
[Fixed] Crash while surrendering skills
[Added] Packet values that were finally implemented (elemental damage for instance)
[Fixed] Offer Ride crash (functionality still not implemented)
[Fixed] Weapon functions crashing server
[Fixed] Force Cloak not working properly
[Added] Command to toggle visible in case of stuck values
[Fixed] Commands that shouldn't create a cooldown no longer do
[Fixed] Commands that crashed server should no longer crash due to a check for if the command goes into the queue before it checks for a pre-existing cooldown (coincides with above change
[Fixed] /waypoint command (apparently client-side /waypoint no longer exists and /waypointServer replaces it; no change in usage, can still do /waypoint)
[Fixed] /forceMeditate from crashing server on getting up (apparently Mood ID is no longer necessary, and Mood String is now 0x05)
[Changed] Uncommented out TANO 6 Delta messages as they work now and don't cause a crash (hasn't had much of an impact though)
[Removed] Certification check that reduced damage (needs overhaul)
[Fixed] Action and Mind regeneration to be faster and also work while in combat






[fixed] All schematics can now be viewed in the datapad, including those with mis-matching weight counts.
fixed] Draft Schematic and Resource Weight loading, allows for simple items to be loaded from the datapad examine window. - [todo] Still needs draft slot work refactor for more 'complex' items.

This doesn't mean that the rest of the team hasn't been doing any work. A lot of the time ideas and research is shared in order to put in the additions, fixes, and changes you see above. 


What is @Parz1val doing?
Parz1val is working on researching and implementing some core changes to the crafting process. This has drastically changed from Pre-CU to CU. He and Dreadlow have been mulling over work as we progress in each stage of the crafting process. Every new "fix" allows us to get one step closer to having the crafting functionality / core in a stable place but it also leads to another crash which requires a whole new set of research into how the packet is structured and what the client expects.



What is @Sentzu doing?
Sentzu is our Game Launcher Developer. He is currently working on getting some changes required for a eventual Public Test Center in place.


We appreciate the interest everyone has shown in this project and that interest, plus our love in the CU era, is what contributes to the continued development. If you have any questions please feel free to message @Aceblade


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Can imagine this is a tough undertaking as it was the shortest iteration of SWG.  Very happy to hear of the progress thus far and will be continuing to follow the project.  

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I love this. sorry that i am not that active on this forum as i am busey in rl. But, when the time is here for a TC ill be online as much as i can :). Nothing beats the CU era. To bad SOE dident see it that way. 

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