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State of the Project - April 2016

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Hi all,

I wanted to take the time to address the community regarding the status of development with the project. Our Development Lead, Dreadlow has made a lot of headway regarding fixing up the remaining server crashes we've been experiencing internally. At this point all server crashes have been resolved. 

We do have a few glaring issues with crafting (due to packet changes from Pre-CU to CU) that are causing client crashes and at this time those have not been resolved. The information needed to easily fix this problem is not readily available and we are in a holding pattern while we research further. This, among a few other issues, have caused development to crawl to a halt as this was on our internal Phase 1 list before opening the server to testers.

As you all know this is a volunteer project and as such things may be delayed or put on hold. We have an extremely small team that has been working hard to resolve all issues however when a member of the team needs time away this causes a break in the development cycle. At this point I have given the development team well deserved break and while things may be worked on intermittently during the month of April you may not see any updates this coming month.

The CU era of SWG may not be as popular among SWG fans however if you are familiar with the SWGEmu code base and have packet experience we welcome you to apply to join the team. I certainly wish there was more that could be said at this moment. I can say that we do want to see this project continue and that it will. Progress, on the other hand, may be slower than we want or anticipated it to be.



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happy to wait well.... This will be so much better than NGE and Pre CU... just keep the updates coming as an informed membership is a happy membership

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