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Development Update 4/24/2015

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Greetings all,

While there hasn't been a lot of publicly posted progress, we have been making major internal decisions regarding the codebase of CUEmu.

To put it simply, we had planned on the announcement/use of Bacta as a valid code source, however as the developers of that framework have ceased activity until further notice, we have decided to proceed with going the 'Core3 route'. This is especially reinforced due to SWGEmu team's recent announcement about the Engine3 becoming public without a timer.

We are looking to possibly fix a few packet bugs, some miscellaneous fixes, and updating our sourcecode to merge with SWGEmu's latest unstable, then we are looking at possibly opening up 2 TC's, one internal and one for the public to get a taste of our work so far. It will not be a 'play server' by any means, as keep in mind crashes can and most likely will happen as features get ironed out for the CU era.

That's all for now, we will let you all know more as soon as everything is settled.

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