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    Project Donations

    By Aceblade,

    Community Members,

    We have begun accepting donations for the project. As you may have noticed there is a donation meter located on the forum section of the website. Donating is not mandatory and there will be other ways that you can contribute to the project, some ways in the not so distant future (testing, spreading the word, or even applying to the CUEmu staff).

    You may see the goal for the donations fluctuate over the next few months as development continues and additional funds are needed to cover various project needs.

    Donations will go to:

    • Servers (Web and Test Center)
    • Forum improvements and upgrades
    • Software licenses for development purposes

    Any monies gather over the goal will be kept on hold for months where the goal is not met. Donors will be placed in a "Donors" user group so they can be recognized by the rest of the community for contributing monetarily to the project. If you want your contribution to remain anonymous please let us know.

    If you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback please let us know!

    -CUEmu Team

    Development Updates Coming Soon

    By Valkyra,


    Us (the developers) just want everyone to know, that development updates will be coming shortly. If you are just getting here, the project was reformed so we are still re-organizing everything, including updates.

    Rest assured though as we are still continuing progress, currently we are working on states, combat mechanics, animations, and more!

    -Dev Team

    Welcome to the CUEmu project

    By Aceblade,

    Greetings inhabitants of the galaxy!

    The CUEmu team would like to welcome you to our official website. We're continuing development and hope to have some updates for you soon.

    You can follow updates both here and on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SWGCUEmu

    If you would like to discuss the project our IRC server is available.
    Server: irc.cuemu.com
    Channel: #cuemu

    Web Client: http://cuemu.com/page/irc_chat.php

    -The CUEmu Team

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