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    State of the Project - May 2016

    By Aceblade,

    Hi all!

    its a new month and the team is checking back in. During the month of April @Valkyra worked a bit on the crafting packet issue we were having and its in a status of being partially fixed. We've got more work to do on things before we open up a test server to the public. We did think we were close to opening a public test center but hit a brick wall as mentioned in the previous State of the Project address.  

    After checking in there are still a lot of things going on in the teams personal life. We are still dedicated to this project but things will be going at a slower pace than we'd like. At this point, in gathering information from the development team, I'd like to call out to anyone willing to contribute and has packet / core3 experience. If you are interested in contributing please send me a forum message or email to aceblade[at]cuemu.com

    To those who have applied for the Quality Assurance Team please be aware that I have put a halt to the process on new staff members in that department until the time that there is more to test.

    Finishing up the packet work relating to crafting and cell areas is the last hurdle that is preventing us from pushing forward in other areas that require a base from us to work on and any contributions are greatly appreciated. 

    If anyone has any questions please feel free to post a response or message me. We want to be as transparent as we can possibly be.



    State of the Project - April 2016

    By Aceblade,

    Hi all,

    I wanted to take the time to address the community regarding the status of development with the project. Our Development Lead, Dreadlow has made a lot of headway regarding fixing up the remaining server crashes we've been experiencing internally. At this point all server crashes have been resolved. 

    We do have a few glaring issues with crafting (due to packet changes from Pre-CU to CU) that are causing client crashes and at this time those have not been resolved. The information needed to easily fix this problem is not readily available and we are in a holding pattern while we research further. This, among a few other issues, have caused development to crawl to a halt as this was on our internal Phase 1 list before opening the server to testers.

    As you all know this is a volunteer project and as such things may be delayed or put on hold. We have an extremely small team that has been working hard to resolve all issues however when a member of the team needs time away this causes a break in the development cycle. At this point I have given the development team well deserved break and while things may be worked on intermittently during the month of April you may not see any updates this coming month.

    The CU era of SWG may not be as popular among SWG fans however if you are familiar with the SWGEmu code base and have packet experience we welcome you to apply to join the team. I certainly wish there was more that could be said at this moment. I can say that we do want to see this project continue and that it will. Progress, on the other hand, may be slower than we want or anticipated it to be.



    Name the CU Test Center Contest - Poll

    By Aceblade,

    The Staff top 5 picks have been chosen for the Name the CU Test Center Contest.These names have been put in alphabetical order. It wasn't an easy choice to pick just 5 names and I'd like to thank everyone for the names they posted for consideration. In two weeks this poll will be closed and the winner will be announced.

    -CUEmu Team

    Development and Quality Assurance Teams Recruiting!

    By Aceblade,

    Both the Development and Quality Assurance teams are recruiting new staff members. 

    Development Team:


    Required Skills
    - Intermediate knowledge of C++ and/or Java
    - Minimum experience with the Unix/Linux environment
    - Familiar with scripting languages such as LUA
    - Ability to setup own development environment from scratch (no pre-compiled / pre-prepared VM0

    Recommended Skills
    - Object oriented programming and design patterns
    - Understanding of transactional systems and client/server architecture
    - Concurrent programming (threads, mutexes)
    - Experience with SQL
    - Reverse engineering skills
    - Game modding experience

    Apply to the Development Team

    Quality Assurance Team:



    Required Skills
    - Must be able to submit a bug report proficiently
    - Must be a logical thinking individual
    - Must have knowledge of CU era SWG
    - Must be able to find / cite research regarding required CU changes

    Recommended Skills
    - Prior Quality Assurance experience


    Apply to the Quality Assurance Team

    Once you have applied the Team Leaders ( @Dreadlow & @Absolution ) will review your application. If we are interested in accepting you to either team you will be contacted via forum message.

    -CUEmu Staff

    Name the CU Test Center Contest!

    By Absolution,

    As you have heard in our recent updates, the dev team here at CUEmu has been very hard at work these past few months on getting a Public Test Center up and running for the community.

    And with the time approaching ever closer for our Public Test Center to be launched, we thought that a naming contest to christen our new Combat Upgrade test server would be a welcome involvement from our community.

    Reply to this thread and tell us what you think the new Test Center should be called!


    · Only one server name suggestion allowed per person
    · Server name must be one word, and not a phrase
    · We reserve the right to disallow or discard certain suggestions, no offensive names

    After a week we will take our TOP 5 (to be determined by CUEmu Staff) server name suggestions and lock this thread. Then a new thread and poll will open up, with which the community will then vote on what they think is the best name choice for the Test Center.

    Oh yeah … and the person whose server name wins the poll will receive a prize :jarjarbinks:

    Server Migration - Rollback

    By Aceblade,


    We are gearing up for some major things here at the project and a server migration went horribly wrong in the process. Not only did the server migration cause a major headache but our backup systems also went offline. We have had to revert the community to a state that it is currently in now. 

    For those of you who had donated please send a message to @Aceblade so I can confirm your donation status and move you into the appropriate user group.

    For those of you who are no longer registered you will, unfortunately, have to register again.

    It will take a few days to get everything setup the way we had it and while we're at it I'll toss out some improvements to our community website. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this and have taken steps to make sure that the chance of this happening again is minimal.

    -CUEmu Team

    Development Update 4/24/2015

    By Valkyra,


    Greetings all,

    While there hasn't been a lot of publicly posted progress, we have been making major internal decisions regarding the codebase of CUEmu.

    To put it simply, we had planned on the announcement/use of Bacta as a valid code source, however as the developers of that framework have ceased activity until further notice, we have decided to proceed with going the 'Core3 route'. This is especially reinforced due to SWGEmu team's recent announcement about the Engine3 becoming public without a timer.

    We are looking to possibly fix a few packet bugs, some miscellaneous fixes, and updating our sourcecode to merge with SWGEmu's latest unstable, then we are looking at possibly opening up 2 TC's, one internal and one for the public to get a taste of our work so far. It will not be a 'play server' by any means, as keep in mind crashes can and most likely will happen as features get ironed out for the CU era.

    That's all for now, we will let you all know more as soon as everything is settled.

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